To Ven. Guo chi

To Ven. Guo chi:

Can’t wait for your coming back.

Now I realize how fortunate we were when we had a monastic-in-residence who would embrace everyone walking in MBA as her own guest and plan activities to entice people to congregate. I miss you. I miss your spirit. I miss your smile. I miss your gentle reminder: “Practice. Practice.”

I am very grateful you had me in your company for your first visit at MBA. I was always happy and much more conscientious in practicing mindfulness. I appreciate your insight and your ambition to build a vibrant community. I admire your dedication in your calling, your faithfulness to the teaching of Master Sheng-Yen and your steadfastness in your own spiritual cultivation.

Thank you for taking me in the temple. It was a wonderful blessing. I gained so much depth in my own awareness and mindfulness within those 6 months than any other time in my life. i humbly and graciously received Buddha’s light and empowerment through your presence.

I can’t tell you how much that meant to me.

Try to get a lot of rest in Taiwan. When you come back you may have to start from scratch again. There is so much work waiting for you to pick up here.


By: Triple Gem disciple

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