From my heart!

Venerable Guochi has been in the temple a little more than a month now. My recollection of our past month’s group practices are very intense and meticulously planned.

From the daily morning and evening services, to the intensive Meditation trainings, recitation group practices, chanting practices, and Buddhas’ blessing services, each is a good medication for scattered mind. I highly exclaim Venerable Guochi’s great intention for preparing these events.

A friend after being apart for a long time, said to me that she felt the temple’s aura becomes soft, comfortable, and cordial.

Venerable Guochi’s thin but not weak body, radiate light of harmony and joy in the busy but not chaos life here.

The beautiful sound of her chanting is mildly mellow, like mother’s hand stroking my head, healing my restless mind.

I often sigh by myself: how many years of work does it take in order to be able to achieve Dharma in every move.

Patriarchs often say that combining Zen and Pure Land, is like a tiger wears horns.

From the recitation of the Buddha’s name, to always set your mind in the current moment, combining Zen and Pure Land. Venerable Guochi’s discourses and stories were lively and profound.

In one event of recitation of the Buddha’s name, Venerable Guochi told a story of a novice Buddhist monk who envies the Dragon Palace for its wealth and its delicious food, made a vow to become a dragon. The story reminds us to make the right vow, make the good vow, so we won’t be like the novice Buddhist monk, downgraded from a human being to a dragon.

In the intensive beginning group Meditation event, I was surprised that there were almost 60 participants, and many of them old students.

Venerable Guochi taught us the meditation posture, things to watch out during meditation, detail posture when worshipping Buddha. She also taught us to be mindful for each movement at the time, synchronize body and mind, made me felt so impressed and moved.

I am so fortunate to have so great a model and mentor on my path of learning Buddhism!

It’s very difficult to have a chance to know about Dharma, like a blind turtle to meet a dead trunk with a hole (one in a millions). We are really lucky to have the chance.

In this material world, people with great virtue help lit the light in our heart, illuminating our path, make us see the reality of life; by holding our hands, lead our way home!

Finally, let me share with you the excerpt of a poem:

Buddha is always in your heart,

Seek wonderful Dharma in the sutra,

Between the lines are good medicine,

To rule eighty-four thousand worries!

Gratefully –– YenHua
Translated by Monica Duh

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