Morning/Evening services

Translated by Aaron Vale and Alex Duh

The merits of Morning/Evening Services and chanting Buddha’s name are transferred to:

  • Those who are sick and afflicted: they will be blessed by Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.
  • Those who are deceased: they will be delivered by Amitabha Buddha and will be reborn in the Western Pure Land.

Through sustained practice you will attain greater peace and harmony. Make a vow to return to the saha to help all beings.

Practicing participants will purify the body and mind in the Buddha’s Light. Among the benefits:

  • Learn how to remove attachments to the world
  • Make a vow to diligently learn Buddha’s wisdom.
  • Make a vow to embody endless kindness and compassion.
  • Make new Dharma friends.
  • Quickly attain the bodhi.
  • Learn a proper orientation in practice.

All sentient beings have great wisdom. Have deep faith in the Three Jewels.

Attend these services for the chance to listen to the right Dharma.

Hope Buddha Dharma abides in the universe everlastingly.
Hope for disaster to abate and for injustice to dissolve.
Stay in peace and serenity within and without.

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