Venerable Guochi and Patricia ramirez-berglund

This American Dharma sister I escorted many years ago.

Suddenly appeared during the first chanting Buddha session after I came to Boston.

And that was her last time to attend the temple before she moves to Sweden!

She was very moved!

I was full of joy and blessings!

She was saddened to part with the Dharma sisters and brothers here……

— Venerable Guochi


Amito Fo, GCFS,

You cannot imagine my surprise and delight when I came in for “nien Fo” and saw your beautiful glowing face! I must admit, I was totally surprised.

It was truly incredible. I don’t know if you remember–but many many years ago, when I first went to CMC (maybe 2005 or 06), I called and asked about coming in for meditation. You were the person that answered the phone and invited me to come for chanting. There was so much warmth and welcome that came through over the phone that of course I came in. The rest is history!

And then, my very last night coming to chant with the lovely ladies I see every Tuesday…and I run into you! I was feeling so sad and so down. I was heartbroken to have to leave MA, and all the connections I had made there. I felt that all your words that night, about using the method, and keeping calm with the sound of the Buddhas name really helped me. Your beautiful words about never being apart reminded me that everything is in constant flux, and that I should embrace it instead of resisting it. I should be like the ocean and just go with the flow. Those words were exactly what I needed to hear at the moment. I felt that it was no coincidence that you were there, clearly sending the auspicious message that  I so needed to hear. I came home feeling so blessed and delighted. My husband could not believe how my mood totally transformed.

Of course, I wish that you had gotten there when I had the opportunity to be there as well. But at the same time I have to remind myself that it was simply not the way that it should have been. But all the causes and conditions were there for you to be there that final night, and send me off in the most wonderful way!

I am so grateful to the Buddha, to Shifu, to you and to all the community at the Center in Boston that welcomed me with open arms.

I know we will see each other again! I am not sure when…perhaps when I am an old lady, but I look forward to that day!

Please please please do stay in touch.

With joined palms and a deep bow….. Patricia (Chang An)

PS Please send my love to everyone!

—- Patricia ramirez-berglund

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