Meditation practice notes

Date : 06Nov2016

Written by : Yulin Wu
Translated by :

It was such a great honor to have the monastic teacher Guo-Chi coming all the way from Taiwan to DDMMBA in Sep 2016, we were truly blessed to have the opportunities to listen and receive Boddhism teachings from Fashi in person.

Ever since Fashi arrived, the DDMMBA  was getting busier with more activities, Dharma classes and services, from the main hall  to the busy kitchen, you could see generous selfless contribution of time and efforts from everybody, the tiny but dedicated perseverant Fashi Guo-Chi , tirelessly teaching, encouraging us in Dharma learning. The whole experiences and environments to me were all in the harmony of Joy in Dharma learning.

From the 2-day Chan Mediation course in both Sep and Oct, I truly experienced Chan exists everywhere you are, in every breath you take. From walking, sitting, moving, eating to Chan practice – Holding the water bowl, learning to live in the world with a Chan mind.

The one-day Outdoor Retreat on 30Oct helped me understand further about what Chan is, it’s a tremendous experience to practice Chan during “ Walking Meditation” and “ Buddha Name Chanting“ . Now I often try to think back of what I have learned and how to expand, apply and practice Buddhism in my life.   

Lastly, I would like to share my joy in Dharma Learning with you. Namoamitabhai.

Blue Sky Peaceful Breeze with no boundary

Seems Silence, Like Emptiness.

Vow in Dharma Learning of Buddha wisdom

Vow in Endless Kindness and Compassion


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