Last Sunday (Oct. 9, 2016) 精進佛一感想分享

By: 演雨Pusa (周景華師姐的兒子)
I went to the Pu Xian Jiang Tang with my mom to attend the nian fo chan. There were over 26 people attending it, too. We had nian fo, bai fo and rao fo. My favorite part of the day was stomping our feet on the floor when we rao fo, it is called bo zhou san mei walking. I had never learned it before and never imagined that nian fo could be so interesting. It was fun seeing people doing it in so many different poses. I hope there will be another time when we will do this again.
I have gone to fo yi so many times and I felt that nian fo made me a lot calmer. Fashi told us many stories about nian fo and going to the pureland. They were very interesting and encouraging. I had fun and would like to come back sometime. Of course, the food was delicious, too.



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